Guest Bloggers

One Size Communication Does Not Fit All…

If you are trying to engage a large, diverse group of people, you will need to consider the options for tailoring your communications. This starts with understanding your audience’s make-up and using that insight to make decisions.

4 min read

Guest Bloggers

The Joy of Sticky Notes

Grab a pad of sticky notes when you find yourself stuck for ideas, need to get people involved or simply need help with visual thinking...

2 min read

Visual Tips & Best Practice

Paperlike® Screen Protector for iPad – Product Review

Is it possible to create a Paperlike® experience on an iPad Pro without paper? We think so.

2 min read

Visual Leadership

See the Value of Visual Communication, it’s Compelling!

With so much choice available at our fingertips, there has never been a more important time to be choiceful and intentional in our communication to others.

3 min read

Adding Visual Value

Why we Need Graphic Recording More Than Ever …

The enforced isolation of the Covid pandemic has only served to highlight just how important graphic recording can be to our everyday communication.

4 min read

Guest Bloggers

How to Achieve Transformative Team Collaboration

Clarity at the ‘big picture’ level can bring to the surface insights that would otherwise have been lost in translation. That's the power of visual techniques such as graphic recording and rich picture design.

6 min read

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