Capturing stories of vaccine success

Client: Grey Consulting on behalf of Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Work: Digital Graphic Recording

Inky Thinking were engaged by a client to visually capture an enquiry facilitated by Grey Consulting on behalf of Janssen Pharmaceuticals to talk about their vaccine programme. The idea was to capture stories of success over the past year in order to bring those stories to life in the coming year.  

  • Capturing stories of vaccine success, graphic recording for Janssen Pharmaceuticals by Tom McLaughlin from Inky Thinking UK

In depth

What our client needed:

Janssen were working on a Covid vaccine and wanted to be able to visually communicate their learnings and lessons from the roll out to others.

How we worked with the client:

Grey Consultancy facilitated conversations with Janssen and it was our role to listen, understand and visually capture their conversations in a positive manner. The dialogue focused on past successes and learnings to aid future implementation.

The result:

An engaging set of illustrations combining conversations and learnings from the past and ideas for future discussions and implementation. Janssen really engaged with the process and as a technique, graphic recording proved to be a useful tool in capturing ‘live’ thoughts and ideas about the future. The final images were placed on the client’s website and encouraged further extended conversations. 

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