Kit for Graphic Recorders

At Inky Thinking UK we have been graphic recording for close to a decade, in fact our combined team experience will exceed 100 years! Whether you are new to graphic recording, or are a seasoned professional, we have grouped a range of exciting Neuland products into 3 key categories:

  1. Essential Kit – The core kit that every graphic recorder will need to practice confidently and effectively, including selected colours of pens, rolls of paper and the all-important tape.
  2. Top Up Kit – Including products which will enable you to keep your kit replenished, sustained and ready to go when you need it, including refill inks, replacement nibs, and the notorious Nibinator.
  3. Expert Kit – Highly recommended products, based on our graphic recording experience, which will add tangible value to your kit and visual practice, including graphic walls, bags and the GraphicWally®.

Within the Essential and Top Up Kit categories we have recommended a selection of core ink colours from the Neuland range. Choose from the full range of 49 ink colours by visiting

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