Bikablo Book Bundle


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Bikablo Book Bundle is a must have for anyone seeking to develop their visual vocabulary when planning, leading and visually capturing meetings.

Bikablo Book Bundle includes the hugely popular bikablo 1 and bikablo 2.0 visual dictionaries, providing a range of accessible icons and visual ideas that can be used right away in any meeting. These books are spiral bound which makes them easy to keep open when working ‘in the moment’.

The unique bikablo Emotions book provides a unique guide to capturing a range of emotions with sensitivity and ease. There’s nothing quite like it available on the market to support workshops, team conversations and coaching.

Finally, the bikablo Posters book is a ‘go to’ for many tips on poster and chart templates for your meetings, whether you are a seasoned facilitator or a new meeting leader.

There’s a mass of invaluable practical knowledge in these four books. Accelerate your visual development in one go!


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