Meeting Leader’s Maxi Kit

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Meeting Leader’s Maxi Kit will be the envy of other meeting leaders as you transition seamlessly between your meetings. This kit features many of the Neuland products to be found in The Facilitator’s Midi Kit with some vital additions we know you’ll love.

For a start we’ve added the new award winning BigOne Art Brush Outliner in this pack. You’ll also find voting dots in red and green, the globally trusted artist tape and, following popular demand, Stick-It Cards Multi in both statement and comment formats, which are ideal when working at the chart with your meeting participants.

The kit is topped off with small Workshop Clouds, an Outliner RefillOne to keep all your outliners juicy, and the popular pastel set and pack of tissues so you can apply eye catching colour to your charts.

EasyBag tops the kit off and gives you plenty of space to store this kit and much more. Facilitate in style.

Why not have a bag of kit for all your meeting and training rooms? Simply fill the bag and hang it up for the next person to enjoy.


  • BigOne Outliner Art Brush
  • BigOne Outliner Wedge
  • No.One Outliner Wedge
  • No.One Outliner Round
  • No.One Art Brush Light Grey 102
  • No.One Art Brush Grey 1 104
  • No.One Wedge Red 200
  • No.One Wedge Blue 300
  • No.One Wedge Green 400
  • No.One Wedge Yellow 500
  • No.One Wedge Orange 600
  • No.One Wedge Violet 700
  • No.One Wedge Brown 800
  • Voting Dots Green
  • Voting Dots Red
  • Artist Tape
  • Stick-It Cards Comment Multi
  • Stick-It Cards Statement Multi
  • Workshop Clouds Small
  • Chalk Pastels
  • RefillOne Outliner Ink
  • Tissue Pack (x1)
  • EasyBag

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