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Neuland No.One® Metallic Wedge Nib, M195 Gold

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Facilitators’ favourite marker in a metallic version.

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Neuland No.One® Metallic markers are a real highlight. They have the typical Neuland recessed grips and are comfortable to use. Especially on black paper the metallic effect comes into its own and gives visualisations a very special and contrasting note. They are opaque and provide great effects when combined with different colours.

The markers of the Neuland No.One® Metallic series are water-soluble and odourless.

Tip for black paper: Outliner covers Metallic, Metallic covers Outliner.

Technical details: Material: PP/PE Ordourless and water-based ink, refillable, with replaceable nibs. Wedge nib, line widths: 2-6 mm. Storage: Due to silver pigments store horizontally.

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