Visual communication has the power to shape our ideas, create mutual understanding, and change the way we live, learn and work. Click below to find out how.

A selection of our clients

  • Fresh, thoughtful, creative and very professional every time. I’ve come to rely on Inky Thinking as a trusted partner.

    Tom Kenward, Director, Connecting Development

  • Inky Thinking helped us make meetings more fun, more engaging, and more productive. Who doesn’t want that?

    Adriènne Kelbie, CBE

  • Inky Thinking has consistently created great value, colour and impact when we work with their teams.

    Stephen Parker, Partner & Chief Human Resources Officer, Kearney

  • We loved the visual recording style so much they supported us to train our own ‘inky thinkers'!

    Julie Cridland, Employee Experience Lead, Aster Group

  • Inky Thinking’s ability to transform a conversation, meeting or conference into an engaging, inspiring story is what makes their work so special.

    Erin Price, Head of Talent & Training, Northumbrian Water

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Adding Visual Value

5 Important Tips for Making the Best Use of your Graphic Recorder

We offer 5 simple yet important tips for making the best use of your graphic recorder and the visual image they produce.

< 1 min read

Guest Bloggers

Neuroscience and the Power of Visuals

In an age where social media and Google are profoundly changing the ways in which we absorb information, the importance of visuals in affecting others is on the rise.

< 1 min read

Visual Tips & Best Practice

Do Pen Tips Make a Big Difference to the iPad Experience?

Tom Russell reviews Pen Tips as a product tried and tested over lockdown for digital graphic work on the iPad Pro.

< 1 min read

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