Celebrating the achievements of apprenticeships

Client: Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
Work: Graphic Recording

We were thrilled to visually capture this unique event, delayed by Covid, designed to celebrate the Apprenticeship Programme at NHS Frimley, and recognise the value that apprenticeships bring to individuals, teams and organisations.

We are all for young people making the most of opportunities to grow and develop into roles that make a difference to society, and what better place than the NHS?

  • Graphic recording from Frimley NHS Apprenticeship Celebration by Inky Thinking UK

Fiona was so passionate about creating something amazing for us to capture what our event was all about. The graphic was absolutely fantastic, and we could not be happier with the final product.

Kelly Green, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

In depth

What our client needed:

Our client knew the value of an engaging visual memory of the event, having been a previous client of Inky Thinking, and how the image would sustain the conversation about apprenticeships long after the event was over. The Apprenticeship Conference was (and is) a big event in our client’s calendar, and so making it especially memorable was a top priority.

How we worked with the client:

Through an early dialogue with the client we understood that capturing each of the speaker’s key messages was important, particularly details of the Star model and T-Levels. As the event was a celebration, we knew the graphic had to be colourful and exude positivity. Throughout the conference we listened to the presentations and discussion, and captured the critical content throughout, so that participants could see the image emerge in real time.

The result:

An engaging, celebratory, large format graphic that captured the key insights from the range of speakers and emphasises the tangible value of Apprenticeships. Participants were able to receive a digital copy of the final graphic, and the image also won lots of attention on social media too.

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